Smart TV set up to receive DVB T2 , cable free, internet free, set-top box free digital TV broadcast

Smart TV set up to receive DVB T2 , cable free, internet free, set-top box free digital TV broadcast

Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Sony, National Panasonic etc) can receive a digital broadcast without Cable, Internet and without any set-top box.

The Auto Tune function does a broad sweep of channels and will generally disregard any channels that are not providing a strong signal strength, so even multiple Auto Tune scans may come back with missing channels. The Manual Tuning function allows you to narrow down the search and save the channel at the best possible frequency your antenna is able to pick up.

The other thing to keep in mind is that signal strength is dependent on the time of day, weather conditions, cable quality and antenna position – all things that most of us can’t easily control!

Best practice is to perform the Auto Tune scan first, and then use Manual tuning to find and save any missing channels. It is not too tricky to add in any channel you might miss on an Auto Tune.

Please see the steps below for a guide to perform Auto or Manual tuning on your television:

Please note: Depending on the model of your television the images below may vary, however, the steps are still the same.

Auto Tuning

  1. 1. Press the Menu button on your remote control and select Broadcasting

2. Select Auto Tuning

3. Select the Start button on the prompt.

4. You may select options according to your preference.

5. Select Terrestrial > Digital.

6. Press the Scan button to scan and save channels.

7. Once complete the Auto Tuning window will close and you can enjoy your favourite TV channels.

Auto Tuning (For 2015 and Older model)

1. Press Menu from your remote control.

2. Select Channels > Auto Tuning.

3. Tap on Digital Channel Tuning.

4. Press Enter on the remote control for the tuning to begin. Once completed, it will automatically exit the Menu screen.

Manual Tuning

On your TV remote select Menu and then select Broadcasting

Select Expert Settings.

Select Manual Tuning.

Select Digital Channel Tuning.

Select an existing channel to rescan

Or you may select a new channel to rescan.

This will show the signal quality during rescanning. Exit once complete.

Manual Tuning (For 2015 and Older Model)

Press Menu from your remote control.

Select Channels > Manual Tuning.

Tap on Digital Channel Tuning.

Select New to tune in a new channel. The New Channel window will appear.

Choose to select between Channel or Frequency.

After typing the desired channel or frequency, select Search and press Enter from your remote control.

Once the channel is located select Save/Store and press Enter on your remote control to confirm.

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