Cable free,Internet free & Set top box free TV through Digital Terrestrial Television(DTT)- DVB T2 broadcasting

In analogue terrestrial television broadcasting only one signal is transmitted on a given frequency channel. Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcasting allows the transmission of about 10 or more digital services in a single transmitter. In the DTT broadcasting process everybody watches the same content at the same time and it guarantees everybody the same high level of service. DD has adopted DVB-T2 standard for DTT services which are free-to-air.

Why is Doordarshan going into digital terrestrial broadcasting?

Doordarshan is giving terrestrial transmission of Analog Channels since 15th September 1959. DD is migrating to digital terrestrial broadcasting as going digital will provide multiple programme channels, better video and audio quality, availability of signals on mobile and portable devices like handsets/tablets/PCs etc.

How to receive DVB –T2 Signals? Do I need to change my TV set now to receive the DVB -T2 Signal?

It requires ordinary antenna (indoor or outdoor depending upon your location) as used in analogue terrestrial TV. With the existing TV set, a DVB - T2 Set Top Box is required. Some integrated Digital TV sets (iDTV) are available in market having in-built set top box or DVB-T2 tuner. With these TV sets one needs only an antenna to be connected to TV set for watching DTT channels.

How many TV Channels are available on DTT Platform?

For optimum coverage about 14 Standard Definition TV (SDTV) Channels or 4-5 High Definition TV (HDTV) Channels can be relayed for fixed TV reception mode or for mobile and portable devices about 10 TV Channels can be relayed. A combination of channels for fixed TV and mobile TV is also possible. Currently 5 DD Channels (DD National, DD News, DD Bharati, DD Sports and DD Regional/DD Kisan) and 2-3 Radio Channels are being relayed on pilot basis in 16 cities.

In which cities DTT services are available?

DTT Transmitters have been installed in 19 Cities. These are: Ahmedabad, Jallandhar, Aurangabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Bhopal, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, Cuttack, Raipur, Delhi, Ranchi, Guwahati, Indore, Srinagar, Hyderabad and Thiruvanathpuram. Transmission in all above cities except that in Srinagar, Hyderabad and Thiruvanathpuram, has started. In Hyderabad and Thiruvanathpuram test transmission is going on and regular DTT service will start soon. DTT Services will be expanded in additional 44 cities soon. The signal from DTT Transmitters is available up to about 60- 70 Km using indoor/outdoor antenna and upto 25-30 Km in mobile devices. For reception on mobile devices, there may be some small shadow zones due to high rise buildings etc. where signal may not be available at present. In future Gap fillers are proposed to be installed for smooth coverage.

Will Channels other than DD Channels be available on DTT? Do I need to pay, as in case of internet surfing, while watching TV on mobile handset?

At present only DD Channels are available on DTT. Later on, other than DD Channels may also be available. There will be no charges for receiving TV Channels on DTT. No data charges are required for reception of DTT channels on mobile devices.

Will HD Channels also be available?

One additional HD channel and few SD channels are available in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata apart from DD National, DD News, DD Bharati, DD Sports and DD Regional/DD Kisan.

Can we receive Radio programmes on DTT?

It is possible to relay Radio channels in addition to TV channels on DTT platform. 2-3 radio channels are currently available on DD’s DTT Platform.

Can I receive DTT Signals in mobile Phones/Tablets?How can I get required hardware?

One can watch TV on android smartphone/Tablet without any data charges by connecting DVB-T2 dongles to OTG port of the device. DVB-T2 dongles are available on e-commerce sites or on line purchase sites. App can be downloaded from play store for ‘TV-on-Go’. DiGi- Darshan Wi-Fi Router for Android & iOS are also available on e-commerce sites or on line purchase sites.

What is the hardware requirement to watch DTT channels on Mobile phone/tablet?

Presently, the feature is available in OTG enabled Android Phones only. DVB-T2 Dongle is required for receiving DTT signal on such mobile/portable devices.

At locations where signal is weak and can’t be received with DVB-T2 dongles, Wi-Fi Dongles with antenna are also available in market. If such Wi-Fi dongle with antenna is plugged on power and placed near window, the signal may be received in mobile/tablet within range of 20 m from it even in Android Phones without OTG port.

Can I view DD DTT channels in my vehicle?

Yes, using suitable DVB-T2 Receiver and antenna one can watch DD channels in moving vehicles also.

Are DVB-T2 receivers available in market? How do I know if my TV is DVB-T2 Ready?

TV sets with compatible built-in tuners (Integrated Digital TVs or iDTVs) and set-top boxes are now available in India. If the TV set is having “Digital TV Tuning menu” it can receive DTT signal.

Some of iDTV models available in Indian market are as below:

LG : 

32LH520D, 32LH576D, 32LH602D, 32LH604T, 32LJ522D, 32LJ523D, 32LJ525D, 32LJ530D, 32LJ542D, 32LJ548D, 32LJ573D, 32LJ616D, 32LJ618U, 

43LH520T, 43LH576T, 43LH595T, 43LH600T, 43LJ522T, 43LJ523T, 43LJ525T, 43LJ231T, 43LJ548T, 43LJ554T, 43LJ617T, 43LJ619T, 43LJ619V, 43UH617T, 43UH650T, 43UH750T, 43UJ632T, 43UJ652T, 43UJ752T

49LH576T, 49LH595T, 49LH600T, 49LJ523T, 49LJ554T, 49LJ617T, 49LJ617V, 49SJ800T, 49UH650T, 49UH770T, 49UH850T, 49UJ632T, 49UJ652T, 49UJ752T

55LH600T, 55LJ550T, 55SJ800T, 55SJ850T, 55UH617T, 55UH650T, 55UH770T, 55UH850T, 55UJ632T, 55UJ652T, 55UJ752T, OLED55B6T, OLED55B7T, OLED55C7T, OLED55E6T, OLED55E7T

60UH770T, 65SJ800T, 65SJ850T, 65UH770T, 65UH850T, 65UJ632T, 65UJ752T, OLED65B6T, OLED65B7T, OLED65C7T, OLED65E6T, OLED65E7T

75SJ955T, 75UH656T, 79UH953T


J5570, JU6470, JU6670, K5570, KU6570,

Samsung Series 7 F7100 LED TV, Samsung Series 7 F7500 LED TV, Samsung Series 8 F8000 LED TV, Samsung Series 8 F8500 LED TV



KDL40W700C, KDL42W700B, KDL42W900B, KDL43W800C, KDL43W950C, KD43X8500C, KDL43W800D, KDL43W950D,


KDL48W600B, KDL48W700C, KD49X8500B, KD49X8500C, KD49X8300D, KDL50W800B, KDL50W900B, KDL50W800C, KDL50W950C, KDL50W800D, KDL50W950D

KDL55W950B, KD55X8500B, KD55X9000B, KD55X8500C, KDL55W800C, KD55X9000C, KD55X9300C, KDL55W800D, KD55X8500D, KD55X9300D, KD55X9350D

KD65X9000B, KD65X9000C, KD65X9300C, KD65X8500D, KD65X9300D, KD65X9350D

KD79X9000B, KD75X9400C, KD75X9400D

What type of antenna can be used for receiving DVB-T2 signal?

One has to use indoor/outdoor receiving antenna to receive DVB-T2 signal. TV reception can be improved by using an active antenna. Address of one such TV antenna manufacturer/supplier is: Compatible Power Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara (Gujrat). Email: Phone: +91-265- 6580486.

DVB-T2 dongles are available alongwith receiving antenna.

Can I connect a single antenna to multiple digital receivers?

Splitters can be used to connect a single antenna to multiple digital receivers (iDTV and/or digital set-top box). For multistoried buildings MATV (Master Antenna Television) system can be used. With MATV system signal can be distributed to a number of receivers in apartments, rooms in hotels etc.

How do I position the indoor antenna for best reception?

The location of an indoor antenna is an important factor for good signal reception keeping in mind the following:

a. Antenna should be in line of sight with TV tower

b. Try placing antenna near a window or at a higher position

c. Preferably it should be away from other electronic equipment that may introduce interference

How do I tune my STB/TV?

Make sure your digital TV or set-top-box is connected to an antenna. Tuning may take a few minutes. Every model of digital TV or set-top-box box will be a little bit different. Please refer to the user manual if required. Here are some general guidelines. Select the 'set up' or 'installation' option. Select digital tuning / Digital TV option. For full tuning, select the auto tuning option. This in some cases called ‘auto set-up’ or ‘first time installation’. Press ‘OK’ if the digital TV or set-top- box asks if you want to delete all your previous channels. Newly scanned Channels will automatically be stored and you should receive all the free-to-air channels. Unless there is any change from Transmitter end, rescanning may not be required.

Contact details for queries on Doordarshan DTT?

Viewers may contact at for general query.